about us

GPWN is a non-for-profit organisation founded by a group of like-minded, female professionals of Greek origin. It is incorporated as a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee.


It aims to serve as a networking, mentoring, leadership and peer-support platform for Greek professional women based in the UK.


Our members have a great breadth of expertise and skills and come from a large variety of sectors and industries, including banking and finance, management, law, academia, medicine, engineering and the arts.


GPWN’s inception was prompted by the surge in the number of Greek women pursuing a career in the UK, as well as by the growing trend internationally for targeted initiatives to encourage female professionals in the furtherance of their personal development goals.


Our ambition is to bring together Greek professional women with varying backgrounds and degrees of seniority in order to exchange experiences and ideas and, in the process, help them grow their network and support them in achieving their professional objectives.


The Committee

Viki Fotopoulou

Olga Galazoula

Nadia Kappou

Maria Kypraiou

Sapfo Lazaridou

Argie Papadimitriou

Efthalia Sarri

Mirto Tachia

Pauline Tzachrista

Ioanna Vassilaki



Graphics and Web Design

We are grateful to Constantinos Neophytou and Vasso Bakali for their voluntary work