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New Year Drinks and Vasilopita 2018

Merry Christmas from GPWN and a Happy New Year full of health, prosperity and professional fulfilment! We look forward to seeing you at Jak’s Kings Road on 13 January from 6 pm for our Vasilopita!

Event Details

Date: Saturday 13th January 2018

Time: 6pm

Venue: Jak’s Kings Road

Address: 533 Kings Road, London, SW10 0TZ

Best Wishes


New Year Drinks and Vasilopita 2017

Join us at our New Year event for networking drinks and vasilopita. 

Saturday 28th of January from 5pm-7pm

Venue : Jaks, 533 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0TZ

Our special guests from Desmos Foundation will be giving a short presentation to share their vision and activities to support charitable organisations in Greece. Desmos foundation will be the GPWN supported charity for 2017. It is founded and led by active young women and has provided for over 700 charitable organizations, serving 300,000 people in need.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Launch of the 2017 Mentoring Cohort and Interactive Workshop

Join us for the launch of the 2017 Mentoring Cohort and an interactive workshop on the principles and benefits of mentoring. 

Please register via eventbrite using the link below:

Event details below:

Date: 17 November

Time: 6.30 – 8 p.m.

Venue: Queen Mary University, Lincoln’s Inn Field Campus.

Nearest Tube: Holborn

Best wishes,

The GPWN Team

Mentoring Program – a Debrief from Participants

Dear members,

As our Mentoring Program is completing its second year, we thought it would be a great and timely opportunity to hear from some of the participants about their overall experience, what they got out of the Program and how they approached their mentor/mentee relationship.

Attendees will have the chance to hear directly from some of the GPWN mentoring pairs and enquire about how they can join in this initiative, both as a mentor and a mentee.

It will also be a great opportunity to say goodbye before the summer break and drinks will follow at the end of the event.

Event details: 30 June 2016, 6.30 p.m., London Business School

Best Wishes


Spring Fundraising Party

Hellenic Hope, Hellenic Bankers’ Association-UK and the Greek Professional Women’s Network join forces once again and invite you to a night of fun for a good cause.

Ticket proceeds will be donated to Hellenic Hope, supporting kids at risk in Greece.

When: Thursday March 17th @ 7:30pm

Where: TRAMP, 40 Jermyn Street, St. James’s SW1Y 6DN

Dress Code: In line with our festive theme, masks are recommended but optional.

The first Prosecco is on TRAMP! 

Buy your tickets now:

Mentoring Group Session – Legal profession

Dear members,

We will be running a focused mentoring group session for mentees from the legal profession on 1 March 2016. A number of our lawyer mentors will be in attendance. If you are in law and are interested in attending, please drop us an email on to receive the joining instructions. 

The GPWN team

Charity bake sale

Thank you very much for visiting the Crypt today and for your generous donations.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of our baking team and we are very grateful.

We managed to collect just under £1000 in aid of Hellenic Hope.

Sunday the 20th of December from 12pm at the crypt of St Sophia Cathedral, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London W2 4LQ.

Christmas Drinks

Join us to celebrate the beginning of the festive season with networking Christmas drinks on Tuesday December 1, 2015 at Hungry Donkey Greek Kitchen starting at 19.00.

Address: 56 Wentworth Street, London E1 7AL. This promises to be a great opportunity for all of us to mingle, reflect on the network’s great achievements over the past year and plan for the year ahead whilst getting into the Christmas spirit!

A big thanks to the owners of the restaurant for providing the venue for this very special night,  to PRETTLY ( for offering a raffle prize and vouchers to all attendees and to APIVITA ( for offering a raffle prize and a fabulous gift to the attendees for radiance during the Festive Season!!! 


GPWN Summer drinks

The holiday season and GPWN’s 3 year birthday are fast approaching, so what better way to get into the mood than having a drink together! Join us on July 9th for a drink… or two… or three…

Let’s get some time together to share our holiday plans, celebrate our birthday and just have some fun.


Venue: Hungry Donkey, 56 Wentworth street, London E1 7AL

Time: July 9th @ 7.30pm

Dress code: whatever gets you in the mood. Beach attire might be a bit of a stretch

Mood: Holiday fun


Berenberg/GPWN ‘Lean In’ Evening

Sheryl Sandberg’s highly publicised book has provided food for thought, inspiration, as well as criticism, across many female business circles globally. We will be taking a look at the key themes underpinning Sheryl’s book in an interactive discussion.

Having read the book in advance will be beneficial for the purposes of participating in the debate but by no means essential. Your roundtable facilitators will be familiar with the relevant themes.


Thursday 4th of June 2015 @ Berenberg offices

We are extremely grateful to Berenberg for hosting us.

The Power of Profile with Vanessa Vallely

Date: 28th April 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m. (registration) for a 7:30 p.m. start
Venue: London Business School, Sussex Place, NW1 4SA

Greek Professional Women’s Network (GPWN) cordially invites you to this interactive event, where you will hear about the tools and techniques Vanessa Vallely has used to rise from project analyst to the launch of two successful businesses in less than 6 years.Vanessa will also share with you her tips on how to become comfortable with raising your profile plus a myriad of other practical advice.Having Profile is one of the most powerful tools in your business armoury, but you have to know what tools and techniques to use to help you build it, protect it and drive your success. Culturally we are brought up not to “toot our own horn” or “shout about our successes”, however in today’s competitive world, if you don’t stand out, you may as well stand in as those with profile speed by. Vanessa Vallely is a recognized expert in person-to-person business networking, online branding and a sought after motivational speaker. In 2014, Vanessa was cited as 1 of the top 100 Connected Women in the UK by GQ magazine. She has also received multiple awards and accolades including Brummels Top 30 Inspirational Women in the City and Brummel’s Top 30 Inspirational entrepreneurs in London. Vanessa is the founder of leading women’s network, job board and website, WeAreTheCity and CareersCity which serves an audience of over 70,000 City Women. She also co-founded the City wide diversity network, The Network of Networks which includes the heads of women’s networks from 40 FTSE firms. Vanessa also released her first book, “Heels of Steel” in 2013, which tracks her amazing career climb to the C-suite. As well as being an autobiography, the book also imparts 13 chapters of tips and advice aimed at helping the next generation to achieve career success.

Proceeds less any costs from the event will be donated to charity “You Make it”, which is a charity organisation supported by Vanessa Vallely. GPWN is a not-for-profit organisation.

Our sincere thanks also go to the London Business School for hosting the event.

Mini Q&A with Vanessa Vallely ahead of the event

GPWN is pleased to share with you an exclusive mini Q&A with Vanessa Vallely ahead of the event on the 28th April 2015. Vanessa has answered to some of our questions and has also provided tips for the women of GPWN.

  1.     Tell us a little about “We are the City” and its activities. What was the original idea behind “We are the City”?

WeAreTheCity was set up in 2009 as a website to centralise female centric career advice, networks and information that would help women progress both professionally and personally in their lives and careers.   For 5 years, WeAreTheCity was run as a not for profit. However in 2012, I decide to leave my success corporate career to work on WeAreTheCity full time.  WeAreTheCity now has a presence in India (, its own job board (, and it’s own on line learning and development platform (Careers Club).  Since 2014, WeAreTheCity has also offered a number of services to corporate organisations to help them attract and retain female talent.

  1. You are one of the most connected women in the City. Could you please elaborate on this?

For the past 6 years I have worked extensively hard on building my network.  My network isn’t about quantity, it is about building meaningful relationships with individuals and helping to connect others where I can.  Through my networking activities and WeAreTheCity I have been lucky enough to meet a great deal of truly amazing people.  A number of these individuals are also connectors, who have since connected me to other individuals, which is very much how my network has grown.  I really enjoy meeting new people and connecting them to other individuals. I no longer see networking as something I need to do on top of my job, it is a fundamental part of my job as the more people you get to meet, the more opportunities come your way.

  1. Who is your inspiration in life?

People who have overcome adversity or achieve their dreams against all odds continue to inspire me.  I would also include those that redefine the norm and that step outside of their own lives to help others.  I am lucky enough to work with a number of women who against all odds achieved their own definition of success.  What I love about these women is their desire to give back to others, either by sharing their own personal stories/advice or via mentoring or sponsorship of other women.

In terms of family, my children inspire me on a daily basis as they see no boundaries as to what they can and I quote “will” achieve in life!  My father is another big source of inspiration as he is such a positive individual.  In his world, there is nothing that cannot be achieved, you just have to make the decision to try!

  1. How do you manage your work/life balance and what do you do outside work to relax?

If I am totally honest, I struggle to relax and I occasionally do not balance very well.  When you run your own business you are invariably on line 24×7 servicing the needs of your clients.  Since the new year I have implemented a number of boundaries to try and give myself time to wind down and focus on other aspects of my life.  For example, I live outside of London and now only come in to London 2 days a week to see clients, previously I was in London every day and sometimes from 7.00am till 10.00pm.

I also ensure that I work from my office on a Monday and Friday.  I tend not to start my meetings till 10.30 so I can be at home to see my children off to school.  Aside from family commitments, I have also managed to carve out time each week to run which is something I very much enjoy doing.   I couldn’t keep to these boundaries without the help of my wonderful PA, she often keeps me in check or tells me off if I start to break my own rules.  I couldn’t live without her!

  1. Do you have some tips for all the women members of GPWN?

Top tips for career

  • Build your network and connections and nurture these over time.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk the path lest trodden.  There is often much experience to be gained by putting your hand up for the work no one else wants to do.
  • Try not to beat yourself up because you cannot be everything to everyone!  Let go of the guilt.
  • You are not an imposter!  You have got this far based on your own merit and achievements, stand back and be proud of what you have achieved to date.
  • Think about your personal brand.  What do people see?  What behaviours do you exhibit?   Stand back and start to think about how you want to be perceived.  Don’t be scared to make changes!
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and ASK for what you want.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Hellenic Hope, Hellenic Bankers Association & GPWN Party

April 22nd @8pm, TRAMP, 40 Jermyn Street, St. James’s SW1Y 6DN

What an amazing party!

Hellenic Hope, Hellenic Bankers Association & Greek Professional Women’s Network would like to thank all their members for their attendance and support. In total we had over 230 attendees and raised approximately £7000! For more information about Hellenic Hope’s mission please visit

A special thanks to the amazing band Michael Kasimatis and Natalia Tsalli and the awesome DJ Sergio Tzianos who kept the party going! And of course to Tramp and Alex Constantinidis for hosting us and for providing our complementary drink and canapés!

New Year Drinks and Vasilopita

Join us on the 21st of January at Jak’s Kings Road for New Year Drinks and Vasilopita!
Event Details: Wednesday 21st of January @ 7:00pm Jak’s Kings Road, 533 Kings Road, London, SW10 0TZ

September 2014 Event: Launching of the Mentoring Scheme

How to use mentoring for your personal and professional development

Greek Professional Women’s Network cordially invites you to an interactive session, marking the launching of the network’s mentoring scheme. A very energetic team of women, founders of Women Working Together, will introduce you to the benefits of mentoring for your personal and professional development and help you use this empowerment tool in managing your own career. Women Working Together is a consultancy whose mission is to develop women at all stages of their lives and careers to fulfill their potential

Our sincere thanks to the team from Women Working Together and the Royal Institute of British Architects for providing the Stirling Room.



Details of the event:

Date: 30 September 2014

Time: 6.30 p.m. (registration) for a 7.00 p.m. start

Venue: Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD


July 2014 event: London 10k Run in aid of Hellenic Hope

We would like to thank our members for competing the 10k run and all our sponsors who helped raising over £4,000  for Hellenic Hope.